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Top 10 Techniques for Quality Link Building

We are in 2017. It has been five years that Google launched its critical Google Panda update that heavily penalized low-quality websites filled with useless links. Google Panda not just changed the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forever, but it also had the lasting impact on the link building part of SEO. With Panda filter becoming an integral part of Google’s core ranking algorithms, Backlinking did not remain as easy as just uploading anchor text rich articles with a backlink on every other website. Such content farming websites with spam or fake backlinks saw a major throwback in ranking as Panda was rolled out. But did backlinks stop making a difference in ranking? No. Even in 2017, inbound links make up one of the most important ranking factors, and there is an average difference of 10,000 links on the websites ranked on 1st position, and the site ranked on 10th position….

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6 Top Ranking Factors in 2017

Halfway through 2017, so much has already happened in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From ‘Intrusive Interstitial Penalty’ to unconfirmed major updates along with various minor changes in algorithms, the updates in the first quarter of 2017 had the major impact on the ranking of the websites. The ranking of the websites fluctuated with major and minor updates, and as SEO specialists, the importance of keeping up with Google updates cannot be more emphasized. Whether you run a New York SEO Company or are the local SEO specialists in Melbourne, the Google updates and ranking factors are game changers in the digital world. The sooner you acquaint yourself with the ranking factors, the sooner you are on the right track to achieve your goals. Based on the SEMrush’s data driven research study on the ranking factors, here are some of the factors that you should…

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The Guide to Mobile Technical SEO

With mobile users dominating the search engines year by year, it is no surprise that Google has put mobile searches a priority. Google is already experimenting with its mobile-first indexing from the last year and even though it is still unknown, but it is expected that mobile first index will be up and roll by the end of this year. As the Mobile first indexing holds the future of the search engine, controlling ranking on both mobile and desktop website, there is the need for brands to adopt the mobile-focused approach to respond to quickly growing the mobile audience. While, we have discussed the content and its implications in mobile first indexing, it is imperative to cater the technicalities and make the website consistent with mobile search. Here is a complete guide to help you understand what is technical SEO and how to do it, highlighting the mobile configuration and…

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The 6 Best Growth Hacks to Get Your Keyword Research Right

If it is said that it all begins with Keyword research, it is not an exaggeration. Whether you plan on running an AdWords campaign or want to dive into full-fledged organic optimization, the right keyword research can make you or break you. Keyword research has a huge impact on not just what you are trying to rank for, but it also determines what you are going to get from that ranking. Are you going to get any traffic? Are you going to get lots of traffic, but no lead? Or are you going to get ripe, ready to convert customers? Not so surprisingly, the internet is full of guides on how to do keyword research, and most of them are good. But, the focus of most of these guides is ‘keywords’ rather than ‘keyword research’. So, here I want to explain how it made all the difference in traffic when…

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7 Tips to Scale Website Design to Improve Page Speed

“Customers are won or lost in one second.” Have you ever heard ‘every second matter’? Now, it is time to hear the SEO version of this maxim which is, ‘even every millisecond matters.’ Unbelievable? Let’s hear it. Amazon reported that every 100-millisecond in their page loading time cost 1% sales. The Walmart also reported the similar results with conversions increasing by 2% with every 1-second improvement in page loading time. Shopzilla decreased its page loading time from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds and their revenue increased by 12% and page views by 25%. Yahoo improved its revenue by 9% with 400-millisecond improvement in page speed. Let’s take a different turn on these stats. According to a report published by Aberdeen group, a 1% delay in the website loading time costs 11% fewer visits 16% decrease in customer satisfaction and, 7% decline in conversion Why Website Loading Time Matters? If you…

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The Intersection of Social Media and Content Marketing in 2017

How do Social Media and Content Marketing overlap to create a winning marketing strategy? And where do content marketing and social media marketing intersect? Read about the intersection of SEO and content marketing here. Historically social media and content marketing are products from the same era and have exploded with opportunities right from the beginning. The public opening of Facebook in September 2006 and creation of Content Marketing Institute (CMI) in 2007 indicate the initially shared years of journey. These two digital tools were quickly adopted by enterprises. According to CMI, 88% of the companies with headquarters in North America are employing Content Marketing and dedicate up to 30% of their budget to CM. Before delving into the relationship between Content and Social Media Marketing and its relevance to SEO (Like triplets, you cannot separate one with other), I would like to quote Lee Odden’s delicious but effective metaphor which…

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Eleven SEO Jargon Terms (Explained for Small Businesses Owners)

With all the technobabble and acronyms surrounding optimization, it is common for small business owners that are new to online marketing to feel confused. Small business owners may have to search for words that come out of the mouth of their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts or are written in the report provided by SEO agency. If you have been scammed by a fake SEO agency, you would also know how they manipulate these words for their benefit and your loss. So, if you are done living in the dark about your site’s optimization, we as the SEO experts in San Francisco Bay Area not only help you get there but also help you understand SEO well. With ESP Interactive Solutions’ tradition to simplify things for small business owners in Bay Area combined with a decade-long SEO experience, we have compiled a list of the eleven important jargon terms with…

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How to Write Successful Guest Posts

If you are an ambitious blogger who likes to learn from other people’s experience, you would have heard Neil Patel of Quicksprout or Jeff Goins of Goinswriter talking about their crazy guest blogging and how it pays off. Guest post happens when a blogger writes a unique and original content and posts it on another website or blog instead of his own. The blogger writing the guest post seeks invitation and approval from the other website administrator to post the content. So, what is the point of posting the content on some other website, especially when it takes serious energy, research, and hard work to write a blog post? The simplest answer to this is that guest post grows blog. Guest posts are kind of a reinforcement on which blog’s authority, traffic, and linking are built. If you have previously ignored the good great guest posting discipline for your website,…

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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips That Work

Social media is a buzz word in the Digital Marketing spheres, and it is almost inseparable to customer engagement. With social media’s diversified power to generate the return, facilitate optimization and ranking, and drive customer loyalty and brand recognition, it is almost every business’s dream to have more customer engagement on their social media platforms. People and businesses get on the social media in the hopes of connecting with customers and expecting returns, but many times, it turns out to be money eating, rather than money generating. The reason is that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for effective social media marketing and building customer engagement. For many businesses, it is a bumpy road full of pitfalls and unexpected turns. Why? Because of the diversity! There are as many diverse techniques of social media marketing as the demographic diversity of itself diverse and varied social media outlets. So, it takes serious…

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How to Create a New Website and SEO Strategy – Together

  What does it take to create a website? The short answer is: longer than you would expect, but don’t rush it. Developing a website takes careful thought, planning and hours of work coordinating the design, content and marketing strategy. In order for your new website to successfully reach its audience, it needs to be pre-optimized and continue to be optimized right after it goes live. A website published with a solid SEO foundation has a greater marketing advantage over the others built without it. If you want your website to see the light of Google’s top SERP (search engine result pages) when it opens its eyes in the world of algorithms, analytics, and updates, equip it with the SEO essentials before it’s launched. Here is the SEO checklist to ensure your website is pre-optimized when launched: Install Google Analytics (GA) There is no better way to track and monitor the…

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