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Top 3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Lead Generation in 2018

According to the Statista, there are 3.58 billion internet users worldwide. Out of the total 323.1 million population of the United States in 2016, almost 270 million were online, and this number is expected to grow to 275 million in 2018. The Internet world has grown to be the single most influential customer market for businesses of all sizes. Companies in the United States and across the world are tapping into the endless potential of this incredibly large and effective customer marketplace for increasing lead generation and leads. As the leading Bay Area Digital Marketing company, we take it on to us to inform you about how you can increase lead generation for your business. Are you wondering what is lead generation and why it is important for your business? Here is a brief description. What is Lead Generation? In the simplest terms, leads are potential customers. Lead generation is…

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5 Not to Miss SEO Trends That Will Dominate in 2018

The holiday season is coming to its end and with it, the season of gifts and indulgence is also almost over. As we enter in 2018, it is about time to get back to business and get things straight. It is time to reflect on what will dominate SEO horizons in 2018, what kind of year it would be for Webmasters and businesses, and what can we expect from the year? Search engines have continued to evolve last year, maintaining their tradition to refine and improve search result quality. At the same time, more businesses are taking an interest in internet marketing and optimization efforts. With sophisticated and complex algorithms, raging competition, and increasing awareness around Search Engine Optimization, SEO is becoming more complicated than ever before. SEO is no more just about keyword density and backlinks. In fact, some of the famous SEO techniques of the past have become…

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SEO Highlights of 2017: Year in Review

Like every year, amidst algorithm updates, changing Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), establishing a trend of local search, and rising trend of voice search, 2017 has been a roller coaster ride for SEO industry. Change is the only constant this year as well with periodic updates and regular tweaking of search engine pages. From unconfirmed updates in early 2017 to Google’s experimenting with mobile first indexing, a lot of things have changed. Webmasters and SEO experts have been trying to keep up with these changes through finding effective SEO strategies and tools that work. However, a lot of things have carried on from the past years as well such as the dominance of mobile searches, relevance, and quality of content, and an emphasis on user experience. As the end of the year draws near, team ESP Interactive Solutions have compiled a list of search marketing highlights for 2017. Let’s see…

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10 Amazing E-commerce and Social-commerce Startups Based in Los Angeles

  Last week, we curated a list of top 20 amazing e-commerce websites loved by American shoppers including the names of some of the biggest tech giants like eBay, Amazon, and Home depot. This time, we have decided to bring you something which is close to home, i.e., e-commerce websites from Los Angeles (LA). Los Angeles is among the top cities for online shopping, and LA shoppers often engage in e-commerce shopping. Along with buying from all the big names in e-retailers and e-commerce, shoppers in Los Angeles also love the stores and startups that have originated from the city itself. The e-commerce websites in Los Angeles bear witness of the creativity, interactive perspective, and a focus on humane designs of Bay Area Website Development companies. The city is known for its tech companies, working on all aspects of online world including website designing, web development, e-commerce. Search Engine Optimization, Social…

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Top 20 E-commerce Websites that American Shoppers Love

As technology is becoming ubiquitous, it is profoundly impacting commercial habits of the American shoppers. From the product research, evaluation, comparison to the way they pay for the purchase, digitization and new technology has completely changed the way Americans buy stuff. One of the trends that have quickly caught up is ‘e-commerce.’ Almost Eight in every ten Americans are online shoppers with 15% of them making weekly online purchases. 28% of American shoppers buy a few times in a month, while 37% purchase less often. Just in the second quarter of 2017, the retail e-commerce sales crossed the whopping figure of $100 billion by reaching to $111.5 billion with an increase of 4.8% from the first quarter of 2017. Also, 51% of Americans think that shopping online is absolutely the best way to shop. These statistics indicate one definite fact that e-commerce trend is only going upwards in the United…

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Local SEO Guide for Small Business

From the way people look for information online to search engine algorithms, the internet is becoming a different world than it used to be. People are increasingly searching for local businesses and places nearby them and the search engines increasingly display results based on the location of business; hence, giving birth to Local SEO. The Bay Area SEO industry is abuzz with Local SEO and is increasingly emphasizing its importance for small businesses in Bay Area. Local SEO is quite different from average Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and integrates local ranking factors such as Name, Address, Phone Number, Photos, and Customer Reviews along with traditional SEO components. Local SEO helps your business to standout in local searches while local searches are known for driving ‘Real’ and ‘Ripe’ leads. Let’s have a look at some of the facts indicating the high volume of local searches and the traffic they generate. By…

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SEO for WordPress: 6 Tips and Tricks

WordPress is the world’s largest Content Management system with a market share of 59.4 % as of April 2016. The WordPress powers more than 25% of the world’s entire websites and according to the Forbes, it is used by almost 75 million websites across the web. The’s non-English downloads have surpassed the number of English downloads, indicating the popularity of this platform throughout the world and not just in the United States or English-speaking countries. Also, the users generate 69.5 million posts and 46.8 million comments on average each month. These stats establish one big fact that WordPress is taking the world by storm. But, how do WordPress websites perform when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Just as WordPress dominates the development and content management platforms, SEO is the dominates internet marketing strategy for websites. Based on the importance of SEO, it is almost imperative not just…

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Different Types of SEO Services from a SEO Agency

Are you thinking about implementing a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy on your website? Many businesses around you are exploiting the potential of the internet based marketplace to get more customers. When you are thinking about implementing SEO strategy, choosing the right person to do your SEO can be tricky, but crucial for achieving results. Many businesses are inclined to do SEO on their own instead of hiring a professional agency or expert. These companies either consider themselves capable of handling their web presence or find it difficult to take out a budget for SEO activities. On the other hand, a major portion of businesses looks for local SEO agency like Los Angeles SEO companies to work for them. Why you should hire an SEO agency is another debate, and unless you are a pro with SEO training, you will have difficulty in crafting, running and managing the campaign. But,…

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SEO Vs PPC: Know What Works for Your Website

Don’t want to read the article? Watch the video to know. Google’s advertising revenue has continuously increased in the past years, and the bulk of Google’s $75 billion revenue comes from its proprietary search Ads. Launched in 2000, the AdWords has grown into a multi-billion dollars’ industry. Google dominates the search ad industry, but there are other Ad or Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms including Apple ads, Bing Ads, Yahoo Ads, Android, Facebook Ads, etc. Parallel to the paid ad industry, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has grown to become bigger and better in the last two decades. Even though SEO can be traced back to as early as the 1990s, it became a prominent internet marketing strategy in early 2000s, and in 2016, the worth of SEO industry is totaled at $65 billion. As both SEO and PPC are internet marketing strategies with proven results, a question which is…

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Top 10 Techniques for Quality Link Building

We are in 2017. It has been five years that Google launched its critical Google Panda update that heavily penalized low-quality websites filled with useless links. Google Panda not just changed the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forever, but it also had the lasting impact on the link building part of SEO. With Panda filter becoming an integral part of Google’s core ranking algorithms, Backlinking did not remain as easy as just uploading anchor text rich articles with a backlink on every other website. Such content farming websites with spam or fake backlinks saw a major throwback in ranking as Panda was rolled out. But did backlinks stop making a difference in ranking? No. Even in 2017, inbound links make up one of the most important ranking factors, and there is an average difference of 10,000 links on the websites ranked on 1st position, and the site ranked on 10th position….

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