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ESP Interactive Solution’s Search Engine Optimization Services

The past 16 years have brought achievements, 5-stars, and acclaims to ESP Interactive Solution’s badge as a digital marketing leader in the Bay Area. As soon as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) emerged on the digital radar as a productive marketing platform, ESP was quick to realize its importance for small businesses and began to help them create success. ESP has been quickly adopting the latest ethical and white SEO techniques that can optimize small businesses’ web interface, user experiences, lead generation, and conversions. Here is how our SEO services are unconventionally equipping small businesses in the Bay Area to reach new heights. SEO as an investment SEO is viewed as an investment with a significant return. It is a long term strategy to meeting a company’s growth and strategic goals for expansion rather than a quick fix to address declining website visitors. Engaging customers The World Wide Web (WWW) has…

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Napa Summit: Two-day Intellectual and Intimate Networking Event for SEO and Digital Marketers

This year’s inbound and digital marketing trends show California as the hub of the SEO and Content Marketing activities among rising job demand and salaries.    Another good news for SEM’s and SEO Experts in California is that the NAPA Summit, one of the biggest digital marketing conference is coming to Napa Valley on 30th and 31st March. Listed in Forbes’s Marketing Conferences to Check Out in 2017, Napa Summit is a two-day event packed with professional insights, educational information, and intimate networking with industry’s top leaders, focusing on fast-tracking your search engine skills. It is aimed at equipping you with skills, techniques, and tools to become a successful digital marker in the years to come. Avoiding the usual huff and puff, the event offers opportunities for direct networking with the speakers and SEO experts from different industries, allowing you to seek face to face advice from the best of…

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SEO Becomes a Necessary Skills for content marketers among rising Salaries and jobs

Conductor, a San Francisco SEO company and digital marketing solution provider has published its ‘inbound Marketing Jobs and Salary Guide’ providing insights into the industry trends for 2017. In the ever-changing digital marketing industry, things are pretty different from how these were last year. The number of SEO jobs has surged back after seeing a decline last year. After seeing a flattering 22% increase from 2012, the total number of SEO jobs in 2017 are 4,473. The research shows an all-time high demand for SEO jobs and indicates rising salaries for both SEO specialists and Content Marketers. SEO experts earn a 23% more than what they did in 2012. The good news for SEO experts San Francisco is that the city becomes the highest paying city for SEO and Content Marketers with $45K-$73K and $49K-486K respectively. San Francisco is also the highest paying city for all the inbound marketing jobs…

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10 Tips for SEOs to Build Twitter Following

Attracting the genuine Twitter followers organically entails consistent efforts and an eye on the Twitter analytics. A growing Twitter base among the fierce competition and dynamic demographical interests is not a piece of cake; It requires the right content published in front of the right people. Twitter has approximately 319 million monthly active users, and the total number of Twitter subscribers is expected to reach 370 million by 2020. The multiplying Twitter users can mean a multiplying followership, but only if you are doing it right. When I talk about doing it right, it may not happen in one go. But, I believe you will be able to cook the right recipe by mixing and matching the following 10 tips. #1- Tweet the Content, Not the Keywords: Do not be carried away by your Search experience on Twitter. The Twitter audience is different from the Google audience and what works…

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Webinar on Optimizing for Mobile Search: A checklist to improve local SEO

Greg Sterling will host the webinar on March 23, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. ET, click here to enroll. The webinar is sponsored by Brandify, the industry leader in providing local marketing solutions. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous and take up 60% of the total internet searches. Greg Sterling, the Vice President of Strategy and Insights, Local Search Association will educate us about how to make our local sites and landing pages compatible with mobile devices to show up on top SERPs and attract mobile traffic. With an overwhelming number of mobile devices, the mobile devices have become an integral part of the online experience from search results to social media to customer reviews; and GPS-enabled smartphones have emphasized the need for local SEO. The dynamic features of the local listings make it difficult to maintain and update them regularly. But, when you are missing important information on the local listing,…

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Unconfirmed Google Update ‘Fred’ Hits SERPS

Two days into Google’s unconfirmed ranking update, the Black Hat SEO community is filled with nervousness and uncertainty as it appears to be link related. Google has not confirmed or denied the news about the update. In the past month, there was also a ranking update which not only shook SERPs results but also shook SEO community, however, Google did not confirm the February update as well. It appears that update is becoming a monthly thing at Google. The webmaster and SEO community are constantly talking about the fluctuations as they check their results and ranking. The volatility in automated tracking tools shows that the update is real and happening. Amidst the speculations, the problem appears to be with link quality aspects. The most activity can be seen in the Black Hat SEO community which has wakened up from its slumber after the update; the whining is suggestive of a…

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SEO and Content Marketing – Two Sides of the Same Coin

  In my career as the online marketer, I have been asked at various instances “Are SEO and Content Marketing two exclusive competing forces in the world of digital marketing?”, “Can the success of one tool means the death of the other?” Or whenever there is a question about the future of SEO, it always appears as if the SEO is going to die making way for the emergence of Content Marketing as the sole winner of online marketing race. In your career as the SEO expert and Content Marketer, you may have come across a situation where you were required to defend your position as one against other. But, is it the case? I believe no! When things as distinct as SEO and Pay Per Click can go hand in hand, boosting your website and its ranking, how can things as mutually dependent as SEO and Content Marketing be…

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What is UX Design and Why It is So Important for Your Business Website

User experience is dubbed as UX. UX is about overall experience of anything in the world. From business perspective, user experience is about perception created after using any product or service. While our visit in a hypermarket, we do notice cleanliness at first. Later we go to different shelves and picked up the items we needed to buy. If all the items are categorized and are very easy to pick, it creates a good user experience. After that, we took our trolley towards billing counter. Another perception will be created at the cash counter while the representative will be billing and packing the items we purchased. This will be a user experience while purchasing from a hypermarket. This can be good and bad. Same is the case with any website a user visit. Website should have all the necessary information at the right place over the website. While designing a…

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How to Drive Unimaginable Traffic to Your Website Using Google Local Listings

Getting on the Google listings is a great way to promote your business and get enormous traffic on your website. Google has made a policy and return results from the nearest locality for searches. It is super cool that Google helping in marketing the businesses locally. It really helps those who are doing Local SEO. A research stated that almost all the United States bases SEO companies specifically Bay Area SEO Companies are working submitting every client’s business on Google at very initial stage while starting SEO for them. The SEO Agencies and web owner not using this Google business listing service as of yet, must utilize this to catch masses of customers on the website. Google business listing that is also known as Google Maps help mobile users most. The other day, Search Engine Land has announced that Google says more searches now on mobile than on desktop. It…

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How Local SEO Should Be Performed For Your Business To Get Local Leads

High local rankings have a great impact on any local business in generating leads locally. Thus, Local SEO is a lot different and has specific strategies to be implemented. If you are a local business owner or running any local search engine optimization campaign, there are a lot of things need to be taken care very well. Very first thing to do is to get your business listed on Google Business Listings. It is also called Google My Business and Google Maps. While listing your business on Google, you need to take care of the followings: Need to choose correct or most relevant category for your business Need to add a long and unique description of your business Need to upload as many photos as possible Need to add your local phone number already available on your website Need to add your business address with the same consistency it has…

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